This page is a work in progress. The described backstory is also a mere summary at the moment and is still being developed, and as such may require some reworking in the future.

Caeles Astre - later called Caeles Astrum - is a canon character in TSWCAtS, made by Proxy.

Born to a Western Ofeilian woman called Mercedes and Lord Sardonyx of the Astre Clan, Caeles' family was, needless to say, very privileged and very wealthy - but also incredibly toxic. Left to do anything he pleased, he had freedom to the point of neglect. The result is as you'd expect - a mentally and emotionally ruined person with damaging coping mechanisms that inadvertently damage others as well.

History Edit

Despite the Astre family's wealth, Caeles grew up in an egregiously abusive household where empathy for people they deem to be lesser - and, in all truth, people in general - is discouraged. He was allowed to do whatever he wanted, at the cost of never being truly loved or emotionally supported by his narcissistic parents - traditional Ofeilian nobility, the sort to punish signs of needless emotion in boys, to never so much as tell him they love him. Ever since he was a small child, he knew he wanted to be an artist, but his parents never took the time to acknowledge his talents or so much as look at his work - let alone take it seriously. He was to become the next lord of Sardonyx when the day came, and that was final. His parents made a point of that.

The discouraged, affection-starved teenager barely showed signs of rebellion as it had been so beaten into him that he needed to force himself to fit the mold, and thus he spent his time as he was supposed to. He numbed himself from the pain of unfulfilled passion and emotional neglect. He distracted himself. He took up drinking and acquired an unhealthy addiction. He surrounded himself with teenagers like himself and a plethora of pretty women. He put up a facade of being a "ladies' man", a "charmer", a "heartbreaker" - it was what all the Ofeilian men did, after all.

His turmoil became exceedingly repressed as he continued to drink and bear a mask of charm and confidence. Eventually the self-assured, "lady-killer" persona he'd concocted to fit in became reality as he grew arrogant and blatantly misogynistic, harassing women at taverns and gloating about his wealth (and alcohol tolerance) at every whim. Despite surrounding himself with many so-called friends, he kept everyone he met at arm's length and refused to express anything beyond his facade. On occasion he'd notably be intoxicated enough to articulate bitterness and suicidal ideation, though he was too repressed to confide in anyone beyond that.